Skechbook Project update

and moving right along... spread number 2 of my sketchbook on the theme of 'i remember you'. using watercolor, cut out paper, rubber stamps, and an old silkscreen separation that happens to be a photo of my mom as a child.


Collage Series #9: The Birds Sing a Pretty Song and There is Always Music in the Air

This week i've been working on this little series of collages using some bad monoprints i made a while ago.  They are all a combination of monoprinting on an old music book page, rubber stamping, cut outs from an old sewing book, and machine sewing. I have to send one of these to Andrew for his show in PA.
find them on etsy if you like here.


CollageSeries #8: ...and we danced

Elizabeth Castaldo
"and we danced" 2011

I made this one during the blackout yesterday afternoon in the slowly fading light. luckily our power came back on by 8:30. Made on a random page in my sketchbook that just had that leaf cutout text page glued to it, i guess waiting for something good to happen to it. I used that weird cat paper to make the face of the moon and this cute vintage clipping for the dancers. the tree is drawn in ink with some stitching through it thats a little hard to see in the scan. Not bad for half light huh.