Weekly Collage Series #5: Haircut

Elizabeth Castaldo 2011

After kind of a quick hiatus, the weekly collage series is back! 

This latest piece, entitled "Haircut" is based on a photo by Robert Mapplethorpe from the book "Just Kids" by Patti Smith, a kind of autobiography/ biography about her younger years in NYC and relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe. it turned out to be one of the most inspiring and motivational books i've read. i totally recommend it. anyway there are lots of snapshots, most Mapplethorpe's polaroids, throughout the book and towards the end there is this great one of Patti Smith cutting her hair with this weird cat sitting on top of a chair. 

the contrast in the black and white photo gives it this great graphic look and i couldn't resist making its components into flat areas of color. i liked the underdrawing i did for it so left her face and hands rather than blocking those out too. 

The piece measures 7.5 x 7.5 inches. collage/ mixed media, pencil, and watercolor on paper. if you'd like to purchase it click here.

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