Blerg! update....

I've had a couple of people ask me whats been going on with the semi weekly collage series here so heres the deal. I'm in limbo... ugh. and it sucks. The exciting news is that Joe and I will be moving to Atlanta GA at the end of June! I will be going to Grad school at SCAD Atlanta starting in the fall. woohoo!
meanwhile, i had to move into Joe's apartment temporarily and all my stuff is packed and there is no space, which isnt really an excuse for not working on 4 x 6 collages, but really i've just been going a little crazy. i'm still working on things slowly but surely, and in the mean time here is a little something to keep your eyes busy for a minute.... a monoprint i did last fall, part of a small body of work not many people have seen. Enjoy and i'll be in touch soon!

Elizabeth Castaldo
"Sewing" monoprint 2010

Find it on Etsy, here!

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