SGC in New Orleans

Just got back from SGC in New Orleans which was a real blast. I got to Participate in the Wolfbat and Driveby Press Carnival of Ink with  fellow SCAD grad students, Molly, Devan, and Alison. Our game was a shooting gallery called The Lone Gunman, well really Devan came up with the idea, and ended up doing two nights over there. I think this was the most fun part of SGC! We also got to check out some cool workshops and lectures, as well as explore New Orleans a little, walk down Bourbon st and see a great band, Smoking Time Jazz Club play at the Spotted Cat on Frenchmen st. And of course we got some beignets too. This was my first time down and so now of course, I am in love with New Orleans.


check out more photos here on facebook.

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